Preparing Fleeces


Preparing your fleece/s before processing will allow us to give you a better service.
PLEASE NOTE: Every fleece or blend of fleeces gets a lot of individual attention to achieve a
quality consistent end product, the cleaner your fleeces are the better your end result will be.


Ideal length 4- 6 inches (10 - 15cm) although we can work outside those lengths

The mill can process any micron although Alpaca does tend to lean to the finer side, being an exotic fibre

Our spinner has variable control so we can spin singles or two ply of any thickness, although some weavers do prefer 3 ply for warp strength

We provide the following services: tumbling, washing, picking, conditioning, dehairing and carding into rovings (for machine spinning) or batts (for felt), bumps (for hand spinning)

Turn around time can vary, but generally once your fleece is washed you will get it back within a couple of weeks

If blending fleeces try to match similar micron and length

You may prefer to tip cria fleeces, tips come out completely with some fleeces but not with others, especially if the tips are sticky.

Neck and legs can be processed but more than likely you will get a lot more loss, mainly because of length variation

If the fleece has been in storage check for contamination e.g. bugs, moths and mice

Check for brittleness if been in storage as these types of fleece will break in the machinery. Loss can be greater than normal

We can process 100% Alpaca both Huacaya and Suri

With Suri show fleeces we can rotocut into shorter lengths to process but you will get a bit more loss

The average loss in processing is 20 - 30% of the total incoming

We have achieved as much as 90% and as low as 50%, darker colours handle differently in the machinery so loss can vary

We try to maximize your recovery rate

We can process individual fleeces as little as 600g through to larger blends

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